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About taxis at Schiphol Airport

When you arrive at Schiphol and upon leaving the Schiphol Plaza/Arrivals buidling, you might be approached by a person offering you a taxi. At the same time you see in front of you the official taxi stand where taxis are waiting for you (if it is not too busy). What should you do and are the taxi services offered to you in the vincinity of the taxi stand legal?

There are 2 types of taxis at Schiphol, both official taxis:

1.) The ones that have a Schiphol license and are allowed to park at the Schiphol stand.

2.) The ones that do not have a Schiphol license but are in the possession of an official permit to drive a taxi (you can recognize any taxi by its blue license plate).

The taxis offered to you by 'taxi runners' are 'type 2' taxis. They are not allowed to park at the official taxi stand so they park nearby, mainly in the parking garage P2, opposite the Arrivals building.

Advantages and disadvantages

For the no.1 type:

- You pay the official price - You may have to wait in line
- You do not have to walk the extra distance to the parking garage.  
- You can choose a car to your liking  

For the no. 2 type:

- You may be able to bargain for a better fare - You have to walk a bit further.
  - You do not know in what kind of car you end up
  - These 'runners' can be a bit pushy!
  - In case of discussions or different interpretations of what the actual fare is, you are on your own.


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Walking to parking P2


Waiting for passengers