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Amsterdam Schiphol Bus Station
Amsterdam Schiphol Bus Station

The fastest way to get to the centre of Amsterdam is by train. Schiphol train station is situated right under the Schiphol Plaza area. On this station a flexible track system is in use so trains use an available track instead of waiting for a track that might be occupied by another train.



Cities (list is not complete)


North Amsterdam, Groningen
South East Amsterdam WTC, Amsterdam RAI, Duivendrecht (ZIGGO dome - Amsterdam ArenA), Utrecht, Arnhem, Nijmegen , Eindhoven
South West Leiden, The Hague HS*, The Hague Central*, Rotterdam, Breda, Antwerp, Brussels, Paris


*: Trains for The Hague go either to The Hague HS (Holland Spoor) or The Hague Central station. Should you end up on The Hague HS while wanting to go to Central you can easily find a transfer to Central on the other side of the platform. Tracks in use for Hoofddorp: 4, 5, 6


Check the yellow timetables on the platforms for departure times (or click on the downloadable versions on this page) and check the blue overhead sign to see on which of the two platforms your train actually arrives. Remember that Schiphol has a flexible track system. Often just before arrival the correct platform number is announced.

Train tickets vending machine

Buying train tickets at Schiphol

Surcharge loader for Intercity direct

NS International runs a number of high speed trains. The following HS trains depart from Schiphol:


Service Destinations
Supplementary charges?
Reservation required?

(formerly FYRA)

Amsterdam, Schiphol, Rotterdam, Breda

Yes (ONLY between Schiphol and Rotterdam)


thalys Amsterdam, Schiphol, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, Paris
Schiphol, Amsterdam WTC, Duivendrecht, Hilversum, Amersfoort, Apeldoorn, Deventer, Almelo, Hengelo, Osnabrück, Hanover, Berlin

How to get to Antwerp and Brussels from Amsterdam CS/Schiphol


As per December 14, 2014 a new service is introduced between Amsterdam CS and Brussels South/Midi. This service runs under the flag of 'NS International'. For the departure times please check the regular time table on this page. At Schiphol this train is departing from track 4.


NO supplementary charges apply for this service.


The Intercity Direct train maintains a service between Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Breda. Supplementary charges are required between Schiphol and Rotterdam!


Following are the possibilities to get to Antwerp. At Antwerp you can change trains to Brussels:


1.) From Amsterdam/Schiphol to Antwerp/Brussels by THALYS - travel time is 1h34min.

1.) From Amsterdam/Schiphol to Rotterdam by Intercity Direct.
2.) In Rotterdam transfer to Intercity to Antwerp - travel time is 2h33min. .