Information on trains and buses at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport by Tourist Buddy

Amsterdam Schiphol Bus Station
Amsterdam Schiphol Bus Station
For the stops between Schiphol-Oost, Stationsplein and Schiphol-Oost, Zuideinde you need to be in the possession of a Schiphol badge!
Schiphol, Airport
Schiphol P40 Parking
Schiphol, Elzenhof - P5
Schiphol, Knooppunt Schiphol Noord
Schiphol-Oost, Bussluis
Schiphol-Oost, Canadaweg
Schiphol-Oost, Gebouw 133
Schiphol-Oost, Stationsplein
Schiphol-Oost, Brugstraat
Schiphol-Oost, Hangar 14
Schiphol-Oost, Hangar 9
Schiphol-Oost, ELTA-straat
Schiphol-Oost, Hangar 11 airside
Schiphol-Oost, Hangar 11
Schiphol-Oost, Zuideinde