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Keukenhof is now closed!
Will reopen in 2025 from March 20 to May 11.

Timetable Bus 858


Schiphol-Centrum/Plaza NS
Lisse, Keukenhof


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The most environmentally-friendly way to visit Keukenhof is by public transport. During opening hours of the Keukenhof, bus 858 - a direct bus - will run between the Schiphol Excellence Parking and Keukenhof. This line is also called the 'Keukenhof Express'.

This fast, non-stop service drops you right outside the main entrance to Keukenhof with a frequency of up to six buses per hour. The journey to Keukenhof takes 35 minutes.


Ticket types

The service is maintained by 'Arriva' so your GVB daycards are not valid here!

You can travel by the Keukenhof Express using your public transport pass (OV-chipkaart) or you can buy a ticket from the bus driver. More info


You can also use your Amsterdam & Region Day Ticket! This will cover your bus fare only so you will have to buy an entrance ticket for the Keukenhof separately.


All Arriva busses to the Keukenhof are accessible to passengers in a wheelchair. Problems might only occur at the bus leaving from Schiphol as this bus can be very crowded at times.



If possible you might want to use a bus from the Keukenhof express leaving from Leiden central station (bus 854).